Literacy is an essential component to the well-being of our community and its people. We know how important it is to help youth and adults take that brave and important step to develop their literacy skills for a better educated workforce and a stronger local economy. Our community will prosper when everyone has the skills they need to compete for jobs, raise a family and contribute to their community.


— Ann Seamans,Mayor of Riverview

Yvon Lapierre 1


The Moncton Regional Learning Council believes in enhancing lives and communities through improved literacy and numeracy skills. Thanks to this organization and their one-on-one approach, adults can receive a meaningful learning experience that is linked to personal and fieldwork goals as well as future life objectives. The ability to read and write has a tremendous positive impact on employment prospects, self-esteem, lifestyle, well being and the growth of our economy. It is safe to say that investing in literacy and numeracy training makes sense for individuals, families, and the whole community.

—- Yvon Lapierre, Mayor of Dieppe



Literacy is not only a vital tool to open the potential of one’s mind; it is a fundamental human right. It is critical to the success and happiness of the people of our community. I thank the Moncton Regional Learning Council for their commitment to such an important cause.


—-George LeBlanc , Mayor of Moncton